Adv A 3/11 – 3
Mar 18, 2011Public
Photo: two very fresh catfish for frying
Photo: Sandy and Sarah prepares garlic-and-turmeric mixture
Photo: crushed garlic-and turmeric mixture
Photo: turmeric mixture rubbed all over the catfish including the gashes and body cavity
Photo: Sarah and Audrey preparing ingredients
Photo: cutting Thai chillies for the hot sauce
Photo: flouring the catfish with tapioca starch after removing all the marinade
Photo: a well-floured catfish ready for frying
Photo: Sandy ready to slide fish into a wokful of hot oil
Photo: the first fish frying
Photo: ladling oil over the top of the catfish
Photo: Sarah adding the second fish to the wok
Photo: ladling hot oil over both catfish
Photo: frying the second side of the two catfish side by side
Photo: the crisped catfish ready to be drained from the oil
Photo: frying the pieces of garlic and turmeric marinade
Photo: fried garlic and turmeric pieces sprinkled over the fried catfish
Photo: southern-style crisp-fried turmeric catfish
Photo: the Thai chilli sauce for the fried fish
Photo: prepared garlic cloves and shallots for roasting
Photo: pounding the roasted garlic, shallots and dried red chillies to make a paste
Photo: Sammy pounding
Photo: cutting trimmed lemon grass into thin rounds
Photo: Jefferson cutting lemon grass