2012 North Thai Trip B – 3: Mae Hong Son to Bangkok
Apr 12, 2012Public
Photo: the original tea-tasting mudhut in the Yunnanese Chinese Ban Rak Thai village in the Mae Hong Son highlands by the Myanmar border
Photo: preparing tea for tasting
Photo: sniffing the tea for its aroma before tasting
Photo: the tea tasters
Photo: a Yunnanese boy
Photo: hors d'oeuvres in a Yunnanese luncheon feast
Photo: Yunnanese stewed skin-on pork leg and steamed buns
Photo: fresh bacon with pickled Yunnanese vegetables
Photo: braised Yunnanese fish
Photo: fresh tea leaf salad
Photo: stir-fried chayote greens
Photo: Lisa buying lots of tea
Photo: Khun Gayson – the Fern Resort manager wearing a Karen hilltribe top
Photo: Nowa – a long-time Karen hilltribe employee of Fern Resort
Photo: snail and bai chaploo (wild pepper leaf) red curry, Bai Fern
Photo: fried sour pork, Bai Fern
Photo: northern beef laab with roasted spices and aromatic long pepper, Bai Fern
Photo: an assortment of Mae Hong Son sweet snacks
Photo: group picture with some of Fern Resort's Karen hilltribe staff