Beg Intensive 8/07
Aug 26, 2007Public
Photo: breakfast day 3
Photo: steaming mussels 1
Photo: steaming mussels 2
Photo: steaming mussels 3
Photo: shelled steamed mussels
Photo: mussel salad sauce
Photo: slicing beef for curry
Photo: steaming black sticky rice
Photo: chicken coconut soup
Photo: clear- and bulgy-eyed fresh snapper
Photo: red snapper Pisces
Photo: flouring and frying fish
Photo: waving snapper
Photo: frying snapper 1
Photo: frying snapper 2
Photo: frying snapper 3
Photo: crispy fried snapper 1
Photo: crispy fried snapper 2
Photo: stir-frying basil eggplant
Photo: separating fresh rice noodles 1
Photo: separating fresh rice noodles 2
Photo: fried garlic oil for garlic noodles
Photo: tossing noodles with garlic oil
Photo: tossing garlic noodles 1