Beginning class 10/11 – 1
Oct 17, 2011Public
Photo: class starts with Kasma going over the basics of Thai cooking and flavor balance
Photo: Kasma demonstrates how to make fresh tamarind juice
Photo: Kasma shows how to prepare Thai basil for curry dishes
Photo: class engages in a coconut milk-tasting exercise
Photo: class members take turns tasting various brands of coconut milk
Photo: trying to separate the good brands from the bad
Photo: finger pointing to one that should be thrown down the drain
Photo: Tim tasting
Photo: Kasma gives a tip on how to choose the right brand from an unworthy look-a-like
Photo: all class members help prepare ingredients for the evening's dishes
Photo: Thai basil, Thai eggplants, pea eggplants and green serrano peppers for the green curry
Photo: cutting Thai eggplants
Photo: slicing pickling cucumbers for a stir-fry
Photo: Kasma shows Lukas how big to cut the tomatoes for the stir-fry
Photo: cut Thai eggplants
Photo: Kasma shows a simple method to steam better-tasting jasmine rice than automatic rice cookers can make
Photo: adding two kinds of massaman curry paste to the reduced coconut cream
Photo: Kasma demonstrates how to make a good massaman curry sauce
Photo: balancing the flavors of the curry sauce
Photo: class members engage in a tasting exercise in-between stages of adding seasoning ingredients
Photo: a small amount of tamarind juice is added for depth of flavor
Photo: chicken cooking in the massaman curry sauce
Photo: potatoes and pearl onions added to the massaman curry
Photo: Tim shows the basa ("swai") fish fillets he's cut up for the green curry