Adv C 6/09 - 1
Jun 16, 2009Public
Photo: cutting pineapple
Photo: diced pineapple
Photo: hot-and-sour chilli sauce for pineapple noodles
Photo: ingredients for pineapple noodle salad
Photo: fish dumpling coconut sauce
Photo: cooked 'kanom jeen' rice vermicelli
Photo: Tabish sprinkling sliced garlic over pineapple noodles
Photo: topping with chopped dried shrimp
Photo: Becky and Tabish finishing their noodle dish
Photo: pineapple noodles topped with slivered young ginger
Photo: spooning fish dumplings and coconut sauce over noodles
Photo: spooning hot-and-sour chilli sauce over noodles
Photo: Becky spooning sauce over noodles
Photo: spicy rice vermicelli salad with pineapple, ginger and coconut-lime sauce
Photo: a bite of pineapple rice vermicelli salad
Photo: cut and trimmed banana blossom soaking in water with lime juice to keep from discoloring
Photo: dried rice stick noodles ("sen mee") for making "mee gkati"
Photo: slicing rolled egg crepes to make egg shreds
Photo: sliced limes and egg shreds
Photo: ground pork, chopped shrimp and mashed fermented bean sauce
Photo: making sauce for "mee gkati"
Photo: Cloud making sauce
Photo: seasoned sauce cooking
Photo: tossing rice stick noodles with spiced coconut sauce, bean sprouts and garlic chives