4/12 Adv E – 4
Jul 21, 2012Public
Photo: boiling pork bones to make stock for the stuffed squid soup
Photo: cleaning squid
Photo: stuffing the cleaned squid tubes loosely with a pork and shrimp mixture
Photo: Tim, Linda and Lee stuffing squid
Photo: stuffed squid alongside the pork and shrimp filling
Photo: cooking the stuffed squid and pork balls made with the remaining stuffing with the napa cabbage in the pork stock
Photo: cooked stuffed squid cut into bite-size pieces
Photo: returning the cut stuffed squid to the soup along with the green onions
Photo: a serving of stuffed squid with napa cabbage soup
Photo: boning a roast duck for the duck salad
Photo: Maja shredding the duck meat
Photo: shredded duck meat
Photo: crisp-fried slivered roast duck skin
Photo: frying the shredded duck meat
Photo: ... until browned and crispy
Photo: crispy fried shredded roast duck
Photo: tossing the duck salad
Photo: crispy shredded duck and lemon grass salad with cashews
Photo: fried cashews, dried red Thai chillies and kaffir lime leaves for the "kitchen garden" fish
Photo: fried young green peppercorns
Photo: draining the fried ingredients
Photo: drying the surface of a fresh tilapia (substitute for "bplah chon" snakehead fish) with paper towels
Photo: Emma showing her well-floured tilapia
Photo: tilapia coated thoroughly with a light coating of tapioca starch just before frying