2010 Trip C: Bangkok to Surin
Mar 25, 2010Public
Photo: kanom krok vendor in Thonglor market, Bangkok
Photo: kanom krok (coconut-rice hotcakes)
Photo: vendor in Thonglor market frying chive cakes (Pamela in background)
Photo: squid-drying operation along the gulf coast in Pranburi
Photo: "three-flavored" fried grouper, Sunee restaurant, Pranburi marina
Photo: salt-baked prawns, Sunee, Pranburi marina
Photo: steamed crabs, Sunee, Pranburi marina
Photo: enjoying a seafood feast at Sunee, Pranburi marina
Photo: close-up of a rambuttan
Photo: on the speedboat ferry to Mu Koh Surin Nat'l Park
Photo: nat'l park long-tail boat waiting to unload passengers from ferry
Photo: on the longtail boat headed for shore, Mu Koh Surin Nat'l Park
Photo: orange-spine unicornfish, Ao Maeyai
Photo: pig-face or lined butterflyfish, Ao Maeyai
Photo: large starry pufferfish, Ao Maeyai
Photo: pair of spotted starry rabbitfish and a parrotfish, Ao Maeyai
Photo: a school of orange dusky dottybacks and staghorn and bush corals, Ao Maeyai
Photo: a coral garden display, Ao Maeyai
Photo: fox-face rabbitfish, Ao Maeyai
Photo: clumps of disc coral amidst staghorn and bush corals, Ao Maeyai
Photo: lined surgeonfish, Ao Maeyai
Photo: pair of ocellated coral rabbitfish, Ao Maeyai
Photo: beautiful coral display, Ao Maeyai
Photo: small-scaled grouper, Ao Maeyai