Adv B 9/09 – 4
Oct 7, 2009Public
Photo: sliced sourdough baguette dried in oven
Photo: pounded paste of chillies and salted plum
Photo: making spicy plum sauce for crispy shrimp toast
Photo: Bill grinding shrimp in food processor
Photo: ground shrimp
Photo: chopping cilantro roots for shrimp toast
Photo: chopped garlic and cilantro roots
Photo: pounded paste of garlic, cilantro roots and white pepper
Photo: adding garlic-pepper-cilantro root paste to ground shrimp
Photo: mixing paste with ground shrimp
Photo: seasoned shrimp mixture with eggs added
Photo: ... adding cooked crab meat
Photo: mixing crab meat in with shrimp mixture
Photo: Bill and David spreading shrimp-crab mixtue onto sourdough baguette slices
Photo: sourdough baguette slices topped with shrimp-crab mixture
Photo: shrimp mixture topped with sesame seeds
Photo: frying shrimp toast with shrimp side down
Photo: David frying shrimp toast
Photo: crispy fried shrimp toasts draining on their side
Photo: removing crisped and browned shrimp toast from oil
Photo: Emma frying shrimp toast
Photo: David frying
Photo: crisped and browned shrimp toasts draining on rack
Photo: sliced cucumbers topped with slivered pickled ginger