Southern Tour underwater photos
Oct 24, 2007Public
Photo: Koh Surin Marine Nat'l Park
Photo: mushroom and table coral
Photo: various kinds of staghorn coral
Photo: baby fish and blue-tip staghorn coral
Photo: school of black-axil chromis
Photo: large schooling fish
Photo: school of sergeant major fish amidst coral
Photo: parrotfish and cleaner wrasse
Photo: squaretail coral grouper
Photo: Emperor angelfish
Photo: snubnose drummer and blue-streaked cleaner wrasse
Photo: staghorn coral garden
Photo: striped triggerfish
Photo: striped triggerfish and mushroom coral
Photo: black-spotted pufferfish
Photo: red jellyfish
Photo: red jellyfish close-up
Photo: 2 schools of fish
Photo: hawk's bill turtle
Photo: coral maize
Photo: large school of parrotfish
Photo: school of parrotfish
Photo: solitary wrasse
Photo: mushroom and blue staghorn coral