4/12 Adv E – 2
Jul 21, 2012Public
Photo: fresh corn shaved off the cob in a bowl with slivered kaffir lime leaves
Photo: Bill pounding the chilli paste for the corn fritters
Photo: chilli paste for the corn fritters
Photo: spicy corn mixture ready for frying
Photo: frying the corn fritters
Photo: Becky doing the frying
Photo: spicy corn fritters, served with a sweet-sour dipping sauce
Photo: simmering salted mackeral to make "boodoo" sauce for the southern rice salad
Photo: sugar cane
Photo: sugar cane cut into shorter segments, then crushed
Photo: crushed herbs and sugar cane simmering in the salted mackeral mixture to make the "boodoo" sauce
Photo: reduced "boodoo" sauce for the rice salad
Photo: cut long beans, julienned cucumber and bean sprouts added to cooked rice
Photo: adding the julienned sour green mango ...
Photo: ... thin rounds of young lemon grass ...
Photo: ... ground dried shrimp ...
Photo: ... slivered sawtooth coriander (culantro) – substitute for bai chaploo (wild pepper leaf) ...
Photo: ... slivered kafir lime leaves ...
Photo: tossing the salad
Photo: ground dried chillies sprinkled in
Photo: adding the reduced "boodoo" sauce
Photo: Cathy tossing the salad for her team
Photo: plating the salad