2010 North Thai Trip B: Part 2
Apr 18, 2010Public
Photo: Yunnan-style hors d'oeuvres, Rak Thai village
Photo: stewed ham hock Yunnan-style
Photo: pork belly stewed with preserved vegetables
Photo: stir-fried pea tendrils
Photo: Jefferson on the Pai River boat ride
Photo: golden late afternoon light on the trees along the river
Photo: walking across the suspension bridge at the border post
Photo: walking back on the suspension bridge
Photo: drying chillies in a woven bamboo mat at the border post
Photo: late afternoon light on the Pai River
Photo: a long-neck Karen and her friend after bathing in the river
Photo: scenery along the Pai River
Photo: a pointed hill along the Pai River
Photo: group photo with Fern Resort staff
Photo: another group photo
Photo: a photograph with the Fern Resort girls
Photo: Fern Resort staff waving goodbye
Photo: breakfast in a family-run noodle shop in Mae Hong Son
Photo: pastoral scenery near Fish Cave
Photo: Craig sitting in a farm shelter
Photo: a school of blue "crap" (carp, that is) in the stream outside Fish Cave
Photo: Jefferson and the mountains at the viewpoint enroute to Pai
Photo: Lloyd trying out a Lisu hat
Photo: Lisu mother and her two daugthers