Adv B 10/08
Oct 31, 2008Public
Photo: garlic chive blossoms on stems
Photo: cutting chive blossom stems
Photo: cut garlic chive blossoms
Photo: stir-fried chive blossoms with shrimp, oyster mushrooms and oyster sauce
Photo: Rachel preparing herbs and sauce for crisped catfish lahb
Photo: catfish fillets cut into serving-size chunks
Photo: crisp-fried catfish pieces
Photo: close-up of crisp-fried catfish
Photo: sausage casing soaking in water to remove salt
Photo: ground pork sausage mixture
Photo: stuffing sausage
Photo: stuffed northern-style sai oa sausages
Photo: charcoal-grilled sai oa sausages
Photo: cuttlefish for pad chah
Photo: frying pad charh chilli paste in oil
Photo: stir-frying cuttlefish with chilli paste
Photo: Vassili stir-frying
Photo: sizzling stir-fried cuttlefish with aromatic herbs and chillies (pad chah)
Photo: fresh corn on the cob
Photo: steamed corn on the cob
Photo: cooked corn kernals
Photo: fresh shredded coconut for corn-coconut treat
Photo: mixture of sugar, salt and toasted sesame seeds for corn-coconut treat
Photo: snapped pieces of morning glory for stir-fry