4/12 Adv E – 3
Jul 21, 2012Public
Photo: free-range, whole small Asian breed chickens (heirloom)
Photo: Tim having a moment with the chicken!
Photo: two cut-up Asian chickens
Photo: making the marinade for the chicken, colored with ground annatto seeds
Photo: stirring the seasoning ingredients in to make the marinade
Photo: marinade added to cut chickens
Photo: Tim thoroughly coating the chicken pieces with the marinade and flour mixture
Photo: chicken marinating
Photo: dropping the chicken into hot oil to fry
Photo: frying the marinated chicken
Photo: ... until browned and crispy
Photo: draining the southern-style crispy fried chicken on a rac,k
Photo: Marlon having a moment with a fried chicken head!
Photo: slicing bitter melon to make a salad
Photo: frying dried Thai chillies for the bitter melon salad
Photo: sliced bitter melon, fried cashews and fried dried Thai chillies
Photo: pan-frying thin patties of ground pork
Photo: Marlon frying the ground pork patties
Photo: frying the pork patties until browned and crusty
Photo: fried pork patties and other ingredients for the bitter melon salad
Photo: blanching the bitter melon in salted boiling water