4/12 Adv E – 1
Jul 21, 2012Public
Photo: mussels steamed just enough so that they begin to open, for making mussel cakes
Photo: shelling the still mostly raw mussels
Photo: pounding chopped red chilli peppers till pasty to make a sauce
Photo: Emma making the chilli sauce
Photo: chilli sauce for the mussel cakes
Photo: fried chopped garlic to sprinkle on mussel cakes
Photo: a bowl of raw shelled mussels
Photo: combining a portion of the shelled mussels with a portion of batter
Photo: frying the battered mussels on a hot pan
Photo: turning the mussel cake over when first side is browned and crispy
Photo: cracking eggs on cut-up crisped mussel cake
Photo: scrambling the eggs over the mussel cake pieces
Photo: cooking until eggs are set before removing from pan
Photo: tossing fresh bean sprouts onto the greased hot pan
Photo: adding the chilli sauce and green onions
Photo: tossing the mussel cakes with the flavored wilted bean sprouts
Photo: pan-fried mussel cakes with wilted bean sprouts and chilli sauce
Photo: Bill and Maja working on the grilled pork lahb
Photo: marinade for the pork steaks
Photo: adding the marinade to the pork