Adv G 10/07 – Class 3
Oct 19, 2007Public
Photo: fried pork rinds
Photo: John skewering pork
Photo: Sofia making paste
Photo: Sofia pounding paste
Photo: roasting dried red chillies
Photo: Andy, John & Vassili pulling holy basil leaves
Photo: Danielle & Vassili rolling sticky rice 1
Photo: Danielle and Vassili rolling sticky rice 2
Photo: Jeff separating noodles 1
Photo: Jeff separating noodles 2
Photo: Jeff separating noodles 3
Photo: Heather, Dea & Sofia pulling noodles
Photo: 2 kinds of rice noodles
Photo: ingredients for spicy Ayuthaya-style noodles
Photo: pickled Thai chilli sauce for Ayuthaya-style noodles
Photo: Jeff introducing the ingredients
Photo: 'that's 2 handfuls of chillies'
Photo: noodle fixings
Photo: shredding chicken
Photo: Heather shredding chicken
Photo: pad kee mao with mung bean sheet noodles
Photo: pad kee mao with cuttlefish
Photo: sauce for grilled pork in progress
Photo: Mark grilling skewered pork