Adv B 9/10 – 4
Oct 7, 2010Public
Photo: thinly sliced sourdough baguette dried out in the oven
Photo: pitting salted (or pickled) plums
Photo: Kathy pitting pickled plums
Photo: pitted pickled plums and chopped red chillies for plum sauce
Photo: Kathy pounding chillies with pickled plums
Photo: simmering the plum sauce
Photo: adding more sugar to balance the intense sour and salty flavors of the pickled plums
Photo: Janet chopping garlic and cilantro roots for the shrimp-and-crab mixture
Photo: defrosting frozen blue crab meat
Photo: flaking the crab meat
Photo: seasoned ground shrimp and crab mixture
Photo: Janet (and Chuck) spreading the shrimp-and-crab mixture on a baguette slice
Photo: Janet making a shrimp toast
Photo: Janet and Chuck working on the shrimp-and-crab toasts
Photo: tray of baguette slices topped with the shrimp-and-crab mixture
Photo: sprinkling sesame seeds on the shrimp-and-crab toasts
Photo: shrimp-and-crab toasts ready for frying
Photo: Kathy and Chuck arranging sliced cucumber on serving platters for the toasts
Photo: dropping the toasts shrimp-side down into hot oil
Photo: shrimp-and-crab toasts browning and turning crispy
Photo: dropping another piece into the oil
Photo: arranging the fried shrimp-and-crab toasts on the serving platters
Photo: garnishing the top of each toast with cilantro and a sliver of red pepper
Photo: two plates of crispy shrimp-and-crab toasts with sesame seeds, served with sweet-and-sour plum sauce