Trip C '08: Southern Thailand
Oct 14, 2011Public
Photo: savory Chinese donuts frying, Hua Hin market
Photo: dried chilli-shrimp mixtures for cooking, Hua Hin market
Photo: the fresh fish section of Hua Hin market
Photo: vendor of chillies, cooking tamarind and aromatic herbs
Photo: monks making their rounds in Hua Hin market for donations
Photo: frying spicy shrimp cakes
Photo: squid-drying cottage business along the coast in Pranburi
Photo: dried squid
Photo: Punyaban waterfall near Ranong
Photo: commercial fishing boat returning to Kuraburi pier
Photo: Mu Koh Surin National Marine Park
Photo: kayaking in the channel between North and South Surin islands
Photo: a boulder on Mai Ngarm Bay
Photo: a Malayan flying lemur hanging onto the trunk of a tree
Photo: red rainforest leaf
Photo: snorkeling the reefs of the national marine park
Photo: the boats of Moken sea gypsies settled on the south island
Photo: a Moken sea gypsy boy
Photo: posing with the Moken ancestral totems
Photo: a wood carving of a Moken ancestor
Photo: sea gypsy homes on a quiet cove
Photo: sea gypsy family entering their home
Photo: playful Moken sea gypsy girls