Adv C 10/11 – 1
Oct 9, 2011Public
Photo: diced pineapple and other prepared ingredients for the rice vermicelli salad
Photo: chopped dried shrimp, hot-and-sour sauce and rice stick noodles
Photo: dropping ground fish paste in small half teaspoonfuls into hot salted coconut milk
Photo: cooked fish dumplings in coconut milk
Photo: dried rice stick noodles (substitute for "kanom jeen")
Photo: cooking the rice sticks in boiling water
Photo: cooked noodles in a serving dish
Photo: Sarah topping the noodles with diced pineapple while Peggy helps
Photo: spreading sliced garlic over the pineapple
Photo: ... followed by the chopped dried shrimp
Photo: ... finely slivered young ginger
Photo: ... and the fish dumplings and coconut sauce
Photo: Lisa, Sarah and Peggy finishing their rice vermicelli salad
Photo: Lisa finishes topping the noodles with the coconut milk sauce
Photo: adding the hot-and-sour chilli sauce to the noodles
Photo: spicy rice vermicelli salad with pineapple, ginger and coconut-lime sauce ("kanom jeen sao nahm")
Photo: banana blossom trimmed of red petals, quartered and soaking in water with lime juice added
Photo: chopping fresh shrimp for "mee gkati"
Photo: making thin egg crepes
Photo: Josh, Jasaon, Giorgio and Cathy showing what they have prepped
Photo: thin egg crepes cut into thin shreds
Photo: the coconut noodles team: Kelli, Jason, Giorgio and Josh
Photo: adding mashed fermented soybeans to the coconut cream
Photo: adding the ground pork and chopped shrimp