Adv A 5/08, Class 1, 2
May 19, 2008Public
Photo: kanom krok cooking in pan
Photo: kanom krok with green onion
Photo: charcoal-grilled fresno peppers
Photo: peeled grilled eggplant and peppers
Photo: hot & sour sauce for eggplant salad
Photo: charcoal-grilled eggplant salad
Photo: eggplant salad team
Photo: soaked "Shanghai" noodles
Photo: cut and cooked "Shanghai" noodles
Photo: making sauce for "Shanghai" noodles
Photo: chilli paste for stewed chicken
Photo: browning chicken
Photo: browned chicken
Photo: browned chicken in pot with coconut milk
Photo: frying chilli paste for stewed chicken
Photo: So-style stewed chicken
Photo: stuffed tapioca balls
Photo: finishing cashew salad
Photo: spicy cashew salad
Photo: Rachel chopping chillies
Photo: Becky chopping chillies
Photo: fresh-made green curry paste
Photo: adding paste to fry in pot
Photo: frying paste in coconut cream