Adv D 5/09 - 2
May 17, 2009Public
Photo: baked cassava cake snack
Photo: one-week-cured sour sausage
Photo: sour sausage steamed to plump them up
Photo: Ann dicing ginger for sour sausage
Photo: grilling sour sausage
Photo: Sally grilling sour sausage 1
Photo: Sally grilling sour sausage 2
Photo: grilled sour sausage
Photo: slicing sausages
Photo: grilled northeastern sour sausage with accompaniments
Photo: slicing young lemon grass
Photo: Anita slicing lemon grass
Photo: sliced young lemon grass for salad
Photo: Curt frying peanuts
Photo: fried peanuts and dried Thai chillies
Photo: dried unsalted silverfish
Photo: frying dried silverfish
Photo: crisp-fried dried silverfish
Photo: hot-and-sour roasted chilli dressing for lemon grass salad
Photo: ingredients for lemon grass salad
Photo: Sukhothai-style lemon grass salad
Photo: marinating chicken with roasted spices
Photo: Asian saffron (safflower)
Photo: sliced shallots