Adv G 4/11 – 3
Apr 16, 2011Public
Photo: slicing pork butt into thin strips for skewering
Photo: Mike slicing pork
Photo: Marlon making herb paste for marinade
Photo: pounding cilantro roots
Photo: mixing ingredients for marinade
Photo: marinade for the pork
Photo: coating the pork pieces thoroughly with the marinade
Photo: Mike kneading the marinade into the pork
Photo: marinated pork
Photo: pounding the pork pieces with a textured mallet
Photo: Marlon pounding the pork
Photo: skewering the pork
Photo: grilling the skewered pork over hot charcoal
Photo: grilled marinated pork on skewers (moo bping)
Photo: grilled pork on skewers with roasted chilli dipping sauce
Photo: rolling cooked sticky rice for skewering
Photo: skewered sticky rice
Photo: grilling the sticky rice dipped in beaten egg over low charcoal
Photo: skewered sticky rice getting crispy
Photo: northeastern-style crispy charcoal-grilled sticky rice (kao jee)
Photo: an all-natural free-range pasture-raised chicken
Photo: ... with head and feet still attached
Photo: trimming fat chunks from the body cavity
Photo: chicken in pot with herbs ready for cooking