2015 Trip B Part 2: Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai to Bkk
May 25, 2015Public
Photo: Rodney by the lake in the heart of Mae Hong Son town
Photo: the beautiful Shan-style Buddha in the chapel of Wat Jong Kham
Photo: colorful rose candles for floating in the ceremonial pool
Photo: Reid floats a lit rose candle.
Photo: the chedi at Wat Jong Klang
Photo: an unusual woven wicker Buddha in the chapel of Wat Jong Klang
Photo: 100-year old glass paintings of the Jataka tales (of the previous lives of the Buddha) from Myanmar in the chapel of Wat Jong Klang
Photo: young novice monks in a pickup truck outside Wat Jong Kham
Photo: Rodney flashing
Photo: Michael and the Karen hilltribe weaver at her stall outside the twin temple compound of Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Klang
Photo: the hilltop chedi of Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu
Photo: Bjorn and the mountains surrounding Mae Hong Son
Photo: Barbara rings the bell at Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu as Bill and a mythical "singh" lion look on.
Photo: view of Mae Hong Son town from the hilltop temple
Photo: Rodney, Sun and Michael at the Sunset Cafe on the top of Doi Kong Mu
Photo: crispy batter-fried "tamleung" greens with a seafood and pork dipping sauce – one of many delicious dishes for lunch at Khai Mook restaurant
Photo: spicy "nam prik soraya" pork dipping sauce for vegetables and fried pork skin
Photo: Khai Mook's specialty – spicy fish "sai oa" sausage with hot-and-sour roasted chilli dipping sauce
Photo: a spicy Shan chicken dish called "oop kai"
Photo: a happy mythical "singh" lion guarding one of the corners of the chedi at Wat Hua Wiang