Adv C 10/11 – 3
Oct 26, 2011Public
Photo: taro, kabocha and sauce ingredients for making fritters
Photo: grating peeled taro
Photo: grated taro
Photo: Jason adding tapioca starch to grated taro
Photo: mixing starch in with taro
Photo: Jason mixing the taro with pounded ginger, tapioca starch and salt
Photo: a golden kabocha Japanese pumpkin
Photo: Giorgio grating peeled kabocha
Photo: grated kabocha
Photo: Giorgio measuring out limestone water
Photo: mixing grated kabocha with spice-and-flour mixture and limestone water
Photo: Giorgio making the kabocha mixture
Photo: pounded red chilli peppers for the sweet-and-sour sauce
Photo: pounded chillies added to reduced sugar-vinegar mixture
Photo: sweet-and-sour sauce for the fried fritters before adding chopped peanuts
Photo: dropping loose patties of taro mixture into hot oil
Photo: taro fritters frying
Photo: John and Giorgio frying taro fritters
Photo: chopped peanuts added to the sweet-sour sauce for the taro fritters
Photo: crunchy taro fritters served with sweet-and-sour peanut dipping sauce
Photo: kabocha pumpkin mixture for frying
Photo: dropping patties of kabocha mixture into hot oil
Photo: Giorgio frying pumpkin fritters while enjoying a glass of wine
Photo: browned and crisped pumpkin fritter