Adv H 10/09 – 2
Oct 17, 2009Public
Photo: sawtooth coriander for seafood "lahb"
Photo: preparing herbs for seafood "lahb"
Photo: removing stems from dried Thai chillies
Photo: stemmed dried Thai chillies with salt ready for roasting in a cast-iron pan
Photo: team-mate Hong talking to Diane as she toasts dried Thai chillies
Photo: cut basa fish chunks
Photo: blanched basa
Photo: blanched bay scallops
Photo: blanched scored cuttlefish
Photo: blanched shrimp
Photo: draining blanched seafood in colander till they stop dripping
Photo: Hong pounding fresh Thai chillies
Photo: blanched seafood and sliced shallots in mixing bowl
Photo: ... cut green onions added
Photo: ... mint leaves and pounded Thai chillies added
Photo: ... adding ground toasted dried Thai chillies
Photo: tossing seafood with herbs and chillies
Photo: Diane tossing seafood "lahb"
Photo: tossed seafood
Photo: .... adding fish sauce
Photo: plated northeastern-style spicy mixed seafood salad with aromatic herbs and toasted rice ("lahb talay")
Photo: defrosting frozen crab meat for curried crab cakes
Photo: soaking dried red chillies for making chilli paste
Photo: chopping kaffir lime peel