Adv H 5/11 – 1
May 10, 2011Public
Photo: great-looking cilantro roots!
Photo: chopping cilantro roots to make marinade for lemon grass pork
Photo: Jack pounding lemon grass, cilantro roots and garlic to make marinade
Photo: pork steaks thoroughly coated with lemon grass marinade
Photo: hot-and-sour dipping sauce for the lemon grass pork
Photo: marinated pork steaks grilling over hot mesquite charcoal
Photo: Jack and Richard on the grilling team
Photo: boning the grilled lemon grass pork steaks
Photo: ... slicing into bite-size pieces
Photo: mixing the coarsely ground toasted rice into the dipping sauce right before serving
Photo: charcoal-grilled lemon grass pork with hot-and-sour dipping sauce
Photo: Jack, Dave and Richard – the lemon grass pork team
Photo: three kinds of mushrooms and two kinds of peppers for grilling
Photo: grilling the coconut-milk-dipped mushrooms and peppers over hot mesquite charcoal
Photo: Lee and Louise grilling
Photo: the grilled mushrooms and peppers
Photo: slicing and julienning the jicama
Photo: julienned jicama
Photo: fried cashews for the mushroom salad
Photo: blanched shrimp
Photo: prepared ingredients for the mushroom and jicama salad
Photo: tossing the salad ingredients
Photo: adding the hot-and-sour dressing
Photo: tossing the dressing well with the salad ingredients