2010 Trip C: Tarutao Marine National Park
Mar 31, 2010Public
Photo: landing on the beautiful beach of Koh Khai
Photo: the natural arch and white sand beach of Koh Khai
Photo: the inviting waters of lovely Koh Khai
Photo: Sun and Magic in front of the two openings of the stone arch
Photo: the isolated beach on the other side of the arch
Photo: Paul and Marnee walking through Lover's Arch
Photo: tide's up, time to break camp
Photo: the beautiful bay of Koh Khai
Photo: juvenile thicklip trevally, Koh Chabang
Photo: dendronephthya soft coral, Koh Chabang
Photo: an assortment of colorful soft coral on underwater rocks, Koh Chabang
Photo: red and pink dendronephthya soft coral, Koh Chabang
Photo: Jefferson diving down to check out the coral and fish
Photo: moon wrasse, hot pink soft coral and golden hard coral, Koh Chabang
Photo: two tiny spotted fish climbing around the coral rock, Koh Chabang
Photo: brown antler coral covered with seaweed, Koh Chabang
Photo: pincushion star, Koh Chabang
Photo: underwater scenery, Koh Chabang
Photo: Bennett's feather star on giant sa sponge, Koh Chabang
Photo: soft-coral-studded underwater rock, Koh Chabang
Photo: soft coral, blue-lined rockcod, sea cucumber and a school of chromis
Photo: red and white featherlike tubeworm, Koh Hin Ngaam
Photo: red-and-white Bennett's feather star and Christmas tree worms, Koh Hin Ngaam
Photo: mazelike design of blue coral, Koh Hin Ngaam