Beginning class 10/11 – 4
Nov 2, 2011Public
Photo: Monday class snack: Chinese mochi from the Noodle Company in Oakland Chinatown
Photo: ... filled with sweet black sesame and peanut paste
Photo: medium-wide dried rice noodles for making "pad thai"
Photo: additive-free dried shrimp for "pad thai"
Photo: sweetened salted radish strips for "pad thai"
Photo: garlicky preserved Tianjin vegetables for the "garlic" noodles
Photo: packaged fresh rice noodles for pan-frying
Photo: best quality fresh rice noodles from Oakland's Yuen Hop Noodle Co. on Webster Street
Photo: dry toasting dried red chillies with salt to keep down irritating fumes
Photo: stirring with chopsticks for even browning
Photo: breaking the brittle toasted chillies into a spice grinder to pulverize
Photo: condiment set for the table
Photo: "charsiew" Chinese barbecued red pork
Photo: Barbara separating the packaged fresh rice noodles into individual strands
Photo: fresh rice noodles ready for cooking
Photo: Tom cutting chicken
Photo: Jenn slicing cucumbers
Photo: Thai coffee
Photo: Thai tea
Photo: steeping Thai coffee and Thai tea
Photo: Thai tea steeping in a cotton tea sock
Photo: dried rice noodles soaking to soften
Photo: making fresh tamarind concentrate for the "pad thai" sauce
Photo: various prepared ingredients for the evening's dishes