Adv H 5/11 – 2
May 15, 2011Public
Photo: Danielle and Melinda preparing herbs for seafood lahb
Photo: prepared herbs and ground toasted dried Thai chillies
Photo: Danielle juicing limes
Photo: seafood for the lahb
Photo: blanching the seafood one kind at a time
Photo: scooping up the cooked seafood
Photo: cooked seafood
Photo: draining the seafood well after giving them a few minutes to sweat
Photo: crushing the fresh Thai chillies just before they are needed
Photo: tossing the herbs with the lime sauce
Photo: tossing the seafood with the herbs and lime sauce
Photo: northeastern-style seafood lahb with aromatic herbs and ground toasted rice
Photo: preparing kaffir lime leaves for the crab cakes
Photo: Jennita cutting kaffir lime leaves
Photo: preparing fresh kaffir lime peel; soaking dried red chillies
Photo: preparing herbs for the crab cakes
Photo: mincing kaffir lime leaves
Photo: softened dried red chillies ready for mincing
Photo: chopping softened dried red chillies
Photo: Lee chopping ingredients for the chilli paste
Photo: Autumn pounding the chilli paste
Photo: Jennita pounding
Photo: finished chilli paste
Photo: pureeing the fresh shrimp with coconut cream until smooth