Adv B 9/10 – 2
Sep 28, 2010Public
Photo: cutting catfish fillets into serving-size pieces
Photo: making the chilli sauce for the fish lahb
Photo: chilli sauce for the fish lahb
Photo: Josh preparing herbs for the lahb
Photo: cutting lemon grass, shallots and green onions
Photo: coating the catfish pieces thoroughly with tapioca starch
Photo: Anjean ready to drop a piece of floured catfish into hot oil
Photo: frying the catfish
Photo: catfish browning
Photo: catfish is crisped as the bubbling and sizzling are reduced
Photo: crisp-fried catfish pieces
Photo: Anjean spooning seasoned herbs on catfish pieces
Photo: spooning herbs tossed with sauce on crispy catfish
Photo: northeastern-style crisped catfish topped with seasoned herbs, chillies (and toasted rice)
Photo: cuttlefish for pad chah
Photo: slivering lesser ginger (gkrachai)
Photo: slicing chillies
Photo: Giorgio pounding the chillies with garlic
Photo: pounded chilli paste for pad chah
Photo: Janet tearing kaffir lime leaves
Photo: soaking the bottled young green peppercorns to remove the pickled taste
Photo: cutting the young green peppercorns into shorter sprigs
Photo: prepared paste and herbs for pad chah
Photo: frying the chilli paste in hot oil in a hot wok