Adv B 9/09 – 3
Oct 6, 2009Public
Photo: rubbing salt on chicken breasts
Photo: chicken breasts on dish ready for steaming
Photo: steamed chicken breasts
Photo: small calamansi citrus
Photo: juicing calamansi
Photo: Ines juicing calamansi
Photo: peeling pickled garlic
Photo: chopping serrano peppers
Photo: chopped chillies added to mortar and pestle for pounding
Photo: chopped chillies and garlic pounded for chicken salad dressing
Photo: dressing for chicken salad
Photo: Asian celery
Photo: using only the leaves and tender stems of Asian celery
Photo: chopped peanuts for salad
Photo: shredding steamed chicken
Photo: many hands shredding chicken
Photo: Regi, John and Linda shredding chicken
Photo: Victoria, Linda and John shredding chicken
Photo: a bed of mixed baby Asian salad greens
Photo: tossed chicken salad
Photo: chicken salad plated on bed of baby Asian greens
Photo: spicy Thai-style chicken salad garnished with cilantro
Photo: ingredients colander for oxtail soup
Photo: preparing Thai chillies for soup