Snorkeling Southern Thailand
Oct 26, 2009Public
Photo: a school of robust fusilier
Photo: robust fusilier
Photo: trumpetfish and checkered snapper
Photo: blackeye thicklip
Photo: a pair of racoon butterflyfish
Photo: six yellow-spotted rabbitfish and an Oriental lined sweetlip
Photo: a pair of yellow-spotted rabbitfish
Photo: Oriental lined sweetlip
Photo: a parrotfish swimming amidst coral
Photo: a lined surgeonfish
Photo: a school of blue-dash fusilier
Photo: blacktip reef shark
Photo: a large school of black-axil chromis
Photo: orange lined triggerfish
Photo: a pair of starry rabbitfish
Photo: an Andaman foxface rabbitfish being cleaned by a blue-sreak cleaner wrasse
Photo: a school of parrotfish
Photo: a black spotted boxfish
Photo: orange-spine elegant unicornfish