2010 Trip C: Kuraburi to Krabi
Mar 28, 2010Public
Photo: hibiscus flower, Kuraburi Greenview Resort
Photo: torch ginger, Kuraburi Greenview Resort
Photo: tropical bird of paradise, Kuraburi Greenview Resort
Photo: lizard with long tail, Kuraburi Greenview Resort
Photo: pink hibiscus flower, Kuraburi Greenvirw Resort
Photo: banana roti being made at Takua Pa roti shop
Photo: making egg rotis, Takua Pa roti shop
Photo: chicken curry and plain rotis
Photo: mataba stuffed roti and accompaniments
Photo: a bite of egg roti dribbled with condensed milk
Photo: three women making curry sauce, Takua Pa roti shop
Photo: group picture with roti shop family, Takua Pa
Photo: Liz and two roti sisters (Diane, Mike, Pat and Paul in back)
Photo: three eager photographers outside the roti shop
Photo: boat with red sails in front of Phranang beach
Photo: beautiful Phranang beach with limestone karst
Photo: white-sand beach backed by limestone karsts, Krabi coastline
Photo: limestone karst in front of Koh Poda
Photo: Mike, George, Pamela and Jefferson on longtail boat
Photo: above-water view from our snorkeling stop at Koh Koo
Photo: a school of Java rabbitfish feeding on a dying pink jellyfish, Koh Koo
Photo: sergeant major, Koh Koo
Photo: banded splendor wrasse (or redbreast wrasse), Koh Kai (Chicken Island)
Photo: camouflaged big-spot blenny, Koh Kai