Adv C 6/09 – 4
Jun 28, 2009Public
Photo: cutting core off jackfruit with oiled knife
Photo: pulling out sectioned fruit and removing seed for tasting
Photo: fresh whole durain
Photo: removing fruit from pods for tasting
Photo: fatty pork chunks rubbed with black soy sauce
Photo: chopping soaked dried red chillies for "hunglay" curry paste
Photo: cutting lemon grass for curry paste
Photo: chopped Thai galanga
Photo: Amber and Vassili making "hunglay" curry paste
Photo: chopped shallots, turmeric and "hunglay" curry powder
Photo: Vassili pounding "hunglay" curry paste
Photo: hunglay curry paste in the making
Photo: thoroughly coating prepared pork chunks with "hunglay" curry paste
Photo: Ian mixing "hunglay" curry paste in with pork chunks
Photo: browning marinated pork chunks in wok
Photo: browned pork chunks transferred to pot and water added
Photo: pork chunks an hour later
Photo: pork chunks tender and seasoned in curry sauce with ginger and peanuts
Photo: northern "hunglay" pork curry
Photo: chopped shallots and lesser ginger ("gkrachai") ready for pounding
Photo: Christine pounding
Photo: paste being made for "gkaeng liang" (peppery vegetable soup)
Photo: roll-cutting loofah squash
Photo: slicing eryngii mushrooms