Adv F 9/08 – 1, 2
Sep 21, 2008Public
Photo: crisp mango tossed with chillies, salt and sugar
Photo: chilli paste and other ingredients to be tossed with ground beef
Photo: chopping peanuts for spicy beef patties
Photo: spicy beef patties ready for frying
Photo: pan-frying spicy beef patties
Photo: Mike and Jean frying beef patties
Photo: curry paste for bitter melon curry
Photo: cut catfish for curry
Photo: cooking bitter melon and catfish curry
Photo: sour chopped pork salad with slivered young ginger, pork skin and fried peanuts
Photo: spicy seafood sizzling hot plate
Photo: filling banana leaf cups with banana-rice flour batter
Photo: banana cake batter in leaf cups ready for steaming
Photo: steamed banana cakes topped with fresh shredded coconut
Photo: the growing boys still eating after table's been cleared
Photo: grated daikon radish mixed with flour and salt
Photo: pan-frying daikon radish cakes
Photo: Amy and Derek frying daikon cakes 1
Photo: Amy and Derek frying daikon cakes 2
Photo: plate of mom's good and easy pan-fried daikon radish cakes
Photo: fish chunks and crushed garlic
Photo: mixing fish with crushed garlic and garlic-salt paste
Photo: mixing fish with cooked rice
Photo: fish and rice mixture stuffed in ziploc bag and left to sour