Inter. 6/09 – 1
Jul 2, 2009Public
Photo: Audrey making an egg crepe for "mee krawb"
Photo: checking to see if egg is done
Photo: an egg crepe for "mee krawb"
Photo: shredding rolled up egg crepes
Photo: softened "sen mee" rice stick noodles ready for frying
Photo: a handful of rice stick noodles sizzling in hot oil
Photo: browning the noodles
Photo: Judy removing a crisped rice stick cake from oil
Photo: crisped and browned rice stick noodles
Photo: step 1 in making sweet glaze for "mee krawb"
Photo: sauce for "mee krawb" thickening
Photo: pounding cut Thai chillies to make sauce for mussels salad
Photo: adding fish sauce
Photo: thinly cut lemon grass for mussels salad
Photo: two fresh whole cods
Photo: cilantro roots to make sauce for fish
Photo: chilli mixture ready for making tamarind sauce for fried fish
Photo: a floured cod ready for frying
Photo: antoher view of the floured cod
Photo: fish waving with fin when placed in hot oil
Photo: ladling hot oil over fish to help it crisp faster
Photo: Lillian frying fish
Photo: frying the second side of the fish
Photo: sauteeing the chilli-garlic mixture to make sauce for fried fish