Beginning class 10/11 – 2
Oct 21, 2011Public
Photo: class begins with Kasma going over the recipes and introducing ingredients
Photo: Alison makes the red curry sauce for the fish mousse
Photo: frying the red curry paste in reduced coconut cream
Photo: Tom cuts tomatoes for the soup
Photo: Tim, Zack and Camille cleaning shrimp
Photo: cutting kaffir lime leaves into thin slivers
Photo: slicing shallots for the two stir-fries
Photo: Nichole pulling holy basil leaves
Photo: Alison adds the remaining coconut cream to make the curry sauce
Photo: red curry sauce is almost ready
Photo: class members prepare ingredients
Photo: Vigi cuts Thai chillies
Photo: Barbara, Camille and Nichole getting herbs ready for the soup
Photo: Kasma salts the soup stock to taste with good-quality fish sauce
Photo: dicing fresh red snapper for the fish mousse
Photo: red curry sauce cooling to room temperature
Photo: "Banana leaves are very long ..."
Photo: how to tell the top side from the bottom
Photo: Kasma shows class how to cut banana leaves into circular pieces
Photo: cutting a leaf circle
Photo: Nichole shows her banana leaf round
Photo: Alison shows hers
Photo: Beth cutting a banana leaf round
Photo: cutting a banana leaf round with a 6-inch bowl as a guide