Adv B 9/10 – 3
Oct 4, 2010Public
Photo: Tim preparing ingredients for the oxtail soup
Photo: prepared ingredients for the oxtail soup
Photo: crispy fried shallots and other ingredients for soup
Photo: smashed garlic, cilantro roots, Thai chillies and potatoes added when oxtail is tender
Photo: soup is ready for serving
Photo: a bowl of southern Thai-style oxtail soup
Photo: lining a claypot with pieces of bacon
Photo: ginger slices layered over bacon
Photo: cracking white peppercorns
Photo: Janet cracking peppercorns with the side of a cleaver
Photo: cracked white peppercorns
Photo: Cathy preparing garlic for the claypot
Photo: garlic layered over ginger slices
Photo: green onions and cracked peppercorns added
Photo: shelling and butterflying shrimp
Photo: a bowl of cleaned shrimp
Photo: adding sea salt to brine the shrimp
Photo: making shrimp stock with the shells
Photo: softened bean thread noodles added to claypot and sprinkled with fish sauce and black soy sauce
Photo: topping the noodles with shrimp
Photo: Cathy arranging shrimp in claypot
Photo: shrimp covers noodles
Photo: adding oyster sauce
Photo: spreading oyster sauce evenly over the shrimp