Adv C 6/09 – 2
Jun 20, 2009Public
Photo: sour green mango for catfish salad
Photo: julienning green mango
Photo: fried cashews for catfish salad
Photo: flaking charcoal grilled catfish fillets
Photo: flaked grilled catfish
Photo: bowlful of flaked grilled catfish
Photo: frying catfish flakes
Photo: Tabish and Rosie frying catfish flakes
Photo: stirring catfish flakes as they fry in hot oil
Photo: crisp-fried catfish flakes
Photo: crisp-fried catfish flakes on bed of lettuce
Photo: layering julienned green mango over crisped catfish flakes
Photo: Marlon assembling crisped catfish salad
Photo: arranging sliced shallots over julienned green mango
Photo: spooning sauce over catfish salad
Photo: topping with fried cashews
Photo: Marlon showing off finished crispy catfish salad
Photo: dried chillies soaking for curry paste
Photo: slicing gkrachai lesser ginger
Photo: Phoebe slicing lesser ginger
Photo: pounding chillies and herbs for "wild boar" curry
Photo: frying curry paste in coconut cream
Photo: sliced pork added
Photo: stir-frying pork with curry sauce