Adv H 10/09 – 3
Oct 22, 2009Public
Photo: slicing soaked woodear mushrooms for bean thread salad
Photo: Andy and Doree
Photo: bowl of sliced woodear mushrooms
Photo: cutting Thai chillies
Photo: Lily preparing Thai chillies
Photo: prepared chillies, herbs and woodear mushrooms
Photo: Vassili chopping dried shrimp
Photo: slicing shallots
Photo: chopping unsalted roasted peanuts
Photo: Lily cutting soaked bean thread noodles into shorter segments
Photo: prepared ingredients for bean thread salad
Photo: more ingredients for bean thread salad
Photo: shelled and deveined shrimp ready for cooking
Photo: cooking ground pork with garlic
Photo: shrimp cooked with ground pork
Photo: blanching woodear mushrooms
Photo: Doree scooping out blanched woodear mushrooms from hot water
Photo: cooked woodear mushrooms
Photo: draining boiled bean thread noodles
Photo: drained cooked bean thread noodles
Photo: adding cooked ground pork and shrimp to bean thread
Photo: ... woodear mushrooms added
Photo: ... adding sliced shallots
Photo: ... adding green onions