Adv C 10/11 – 2
Oct 17, 2011Public
Photo: a young green mango
Photo: julienned green mango for the crisped catfish salad
Photo: hot-and-sour sauce for the catfish salad
Photo: frying raw cashews over low heat
Photo: ... to slowly brown and turn crunchy
Photo: frying dried red Thai chillies
Photo: fried cashews and dried chillies drained from oil
Photo: catfish fillets placed in a grilling basket
Photo: Cathy is ready to grill the catfish
Photo: Jefferson grilling with team-mates Jason and Cathy
Photo: Kristie and Jefferson grill with company
Photo: catfish grilling over wood coals
Photo: Kristie and Jefferson grilling catfish fillets
Photo: grilled catfish fillets
Photo: removing cooked catfish fillets from grilling baskets for flaking
Photo: flaked charcoal-grilled catfish
Photo: Cathy and the tray of flaked catfish
Photo: dropping the flaked catfish into hot oil
Photo: stirring the catfish flakes in the oil to reduce clumping
Photo: Jefferson frying the catfish flakes
Photo: reduced bubbling in the oil is a sign the fish flakes are almost crispy
Photo: draining the crisped and browned catfish flakes from the oil