Adv H 5/11 – 3
May 24, 2011Public
Photo: Gina and Mark chopping garlic for the pork rice soup
Photo: chopping cilantro roots
Photo: pounding cilantro roots with garlic and pepper
Photo: mixing ground pork with the garlic-pepper-cilantro root paste
Photo: Gina mixing the pork in the mortar
Photo: seasoned pork mixture
Photo: slivering fresh ginger
Photo: Dave slivering ginger
Photo: a pile of slivered ginger
Photo: frying slivered ginger
Photo: crisp-fried slivered ginger
Photo: fried garlic oil
Photo: simmering pork bones to make broth for the rice soup
Photo: pork bones strained from broth to remove meat off the bones
Photo: dropping the seasoned pork mixture into the hot broth in small lumps
Photo: the pork lumps are cooked when they float
Photo: adding the soft-cooked rice
Photo: ... green onions and slivered ginger
Photo: spooning the pork rice soup into a bowl
Photo: a bowl of pork rice soup topped with chopped Asian celery
Photo: the bean thread salad team
Photo: Jean, Henry and Danielle
Photo: cutting Thai chillies
Photo: Asian celery