Adv B 9/09 – 2
Sep 20, 2009Public
Photo: cutting large catfish fillet in half lengthwise
Photo: cutting fish into bite-size pieces
Photo: cutting Thai chillies for crispy catfish "lahb"
Photo: preparing ingredients for catfish "lahb"
Photo: tearing mint leaves into small pieces
Photo: hot-and-sour sauce for catfish salad
Photo: cut purple long beans and mint sprigs to accompany fish salad
Photo: arranging vegetables on platter
Photo: cut catfish pieces
Photo: rolling catfish pieces in tapioca starch
Photo: catfish pieces coated with tapioca starch
Photo: fried dried Thai chillies
Photo: frying catfish
Photo: draining crisp-fried catfish
Photo: tray of crisp-fried catfish pieces
Photo: Linda spooning herbs tossed with hot-and-sour sauce and toasted rice over crispy fish pieces
Photo: northeastern-style crisp-fried catfish "lahb" with aromatic herbs and toasted rice
Photo: different teams preparing ingredients
Photo: sausage casing soaking in water to remove salt
Photo: coarse-ground pork for making "sai oa" sausage
Photo: soaking dried red chillies for sausage spice mixture
Photo: cutting lemon grass
Photo: minced fresh kaffir lime peel
Photo: chopped cilantro roots