Beginning class 10/11 – 3
Oct 22, 2011Public
Photo: Kasma introduces the class to the sticky rice steaming basket and pot
Photo: students learn to clean squid with a simple knife technique
Photo: using the knife to scrape off the skin and push out the guts at the same time
Photo: cutting up a cleaned squid
Photo: Alison cleaning a squid
Photo: squid egg sacs are good to eat and taste more like chicken than fish
Photo: class members prepare ingredients for the dishes of the evening
Photo: cutting trimmed lemon grass into very thin rounds for the squid salad
Photo: pounding Thai chillies and garlic to make the hot-and-sour sauce for the squid salad
Photo: Aron pounding
Photo: drained, soaked sticky rice is in the steamer basket ready for steaming
Photo: black sticky rice should be soaked at least four hours
Photo: drained, soaked black sticky rice ready for steaming
Photo: four kinds of whole-grain rices soaked since the previous evening
Photo: whole-grain rices soaked at least 22 hours provide maximum nutrition
Photo: frying garlic-peppered shrimp
Photo: Kasma demonstrates frying techniques
Photo: shrimp and garlic beginning to crisp
Photo: draining crisped shrimp and garlic from oil
Photo: Nathan fries the second batch of shrimp
Photo: draining crisped shrimp from oil
Photo: crispy garlic-peppered shrimp
Photo: cut pork steak mixed with garlic, ground pepper, tapioca starch and fish sauce
Photo: dropping the pork a handful at a time into the hot oil