Adv F 9/08 – Class 3, 4
Oct 16, 2008Public
Photo: hot-and-sour roasted chilli-shrimp sauce for morning glory fritters
Photo: frying morning glory fritters
Photo: Curt dropping battered morning glory clump in hot oil
Photo: Doug dropping battered morning glory clump in hot oil
Photo: four morning glory fritters frying in hot oil
Photo: crisp-fried morning glory fritter
Photo: crisp-fried morning glory fritter topped with roasted chill-shrimp sauce
Photo: curry sauce marinade for grilled chicken on skewers
Photo: skewered chicken
Photo: brushing curry sauce marinade on skewered chicken
Photo: poor Jon only has one hand to work with!
Photo: skewered chicken marinating
Photo: curry sauce for basting grilled chicken skewers
Photo: southern-style grilled chicken on skewers with sweet and tangy curry sauce
Photo: herbs for galanga beef soup
Photo: hot galanga beef soup with holy basil
Photo: brushing off rice and galic pieces from soured fish
Photo: northeastern-style crisp-fried soured fish
Photo: stir-fried bitter melon with shrimp and salted black beans
Photo: placing banana-leaf cups with pumpkin batter on steamer rack
Photo: pumpkin batter for steamed pumpkin cakes
Photo: banana-leaf cups filled with pumpkin batter
Photo: pumpkin batter topped with fresh shredded coconut
Photo: steamed pumpkin cakes hot in steamer