Adv A 3/11 – 4
Mar 29, 2011Public
Photo: cracking a coconut
Photo: Jefferson cracking the coconut
Photo: draining and opening up the coconut
Photo: John grating coconut with a coconut-grating stool ("rabbit")
Photo: John finishing the grating on the table
Photo: Peggy toasting yellow mung beans
Photo: toasting mung beans for crepe batter
Photo: slicing cucumbers for the sweet-sour relish
Photo: slicing serrano peppers
Photo: Judy pounding the garlic-pepper paste
Photo: pounded garlic-pepper-cilantro root paste
Photo: chopped shrimp
Photo: adding the garlic-pepper paste to the wok
Photo: adding the chopped shrimp
Photo: stir-frying the chopped shrimp with the garlic-pepper paste
Photo: ... breaking shrimp into bits as it cooks
Photo: tossing in the grated coconut and minced sweet radish
Photo: Judy making the crepe filling
Photo: mixture colored with ground turmeric and paprika
Photo: tossing in the chopped roasted peanuts and green onions
Photo: ingredients well mixed and seasoned
Photo: adding limestone water to thin out crepe batter
Photo: the first crepe drying and crisping under low heat
Photo: a bowlful of crepe filling