Adv G 4/11 – 2
Apr 8, 2011Public
Photo: nitrate-free home-made naem sour sausage is less red/pink than the store-bought kind
Photo: Marlon preparing ingredients for the naem fried rice
Photo: chopping garlic, cooled cooked rice
Photo: slicing Thai chillies, cut sour sausage
Photo: pickled ginger, Thai chillies in fish sauce
Photo: prepared ingredients for naem fried rice
Photo: Marlon and the prepared ingredients
Photo: the naem fried rice team ready to cook
Photo: adding sliced onion to the garlic and oil in the wok
Photo: stir-frying the onion till softened
Photo: adding the naem sour sausage
Photo: stir-frying the sour sausage with the onion and garlic
Photo: ... until partially cooked
Photo: rice added
Photo: cracking in the eggs
Photo: cooking the eggs until they set
Photo: adding the thin soy sauce
Photo: naem sour sausage fried rice
Photo: mounding the rice onto individual serving plate
Photo: Lee and Marlon plating the rice
Photo: prepared green onions in cold water for the fried rice
Photo: arranging accompaniments alongside the plates
Photo: a plate of naem sour sausage fried rice with accompaniments
Photo: grated taro