Adv B 9/10 – 1
Sep 23, 2010Public
Photo: chilli paste and coconut milk for the rice cracker dipping sauce
Photo: ingredients for the dipping sauce ready for cooking
Photo: adding the chilli paste to reduced coconut cream
Photo: frying the paste in the coconut cream
Photo: ... chopped pork and shrimp added
Photo: ... cooking the pork and shrimp with the chilli paste and coconut cream
Photo: ... adding the rest of the coconut milk
Photo: the sauce with pork and shrimp cooked
Photo: adding the chopped shallots, coarsely ground peanuts and paprika for color
Photo: Jefferson and Tim making the dipping sauce for the crispy rice crackers
Photo: a package of dried rice squares
Photo: rice squares for frying
Photo: dropping the rice squares into hot oil
Photo: puffing the rice squares
Photo: turning the rice squares to brown both sides
Photo: the rice squares browning
Photo: crispy rice crackers with savory coconut peanut dip
Photo: a serving of crispy rice cracker topped with sauce
Photo: soaking bean thread till softened
Photo: sauce for bean thread lahb
Photo: cooking ground pork and diced shrimp in a little oil
Photo: softened and cut bean thread
Photo: combining bean thread and cooked ground pork and shrimp in a mixing bowl
Photo: adding the hot-and-sour sauce with toasted chillies