Inter. 6/09 – 3
Jul 2, 2009Public
Photo: "bai chaploo" (wild pepper leaves) for "miang kam"
Photo: cutting chillies for "miang kam" filling
Photo: cut filling ingredients for "miang kam"
Photo: toasting unsweetened dried shredded coconut
Photo: dried shredded coconut browning
Photo: toasted unsweetened dried shredded coconut for both "miang kam" filling and sauce
Photo: ten filling ingredients for "miang kam"
Photo: ground roasted peanuts, coconut and dried shrimp being combined in pot to make "miang kam" sauce
Photo: "miang kam" sauce simmering
Photo: "miang kam" sauce thickened and ready for serving
Photo: sweet rice squares for frying
Photo: close-up of a sweet rice square
Photo: frying rice squares
Photo: crispy fried rice squares for "miang kam" filling
Photo: Kate plating "miang kam" filling ingredients
Photo: plating "miang kam" filling ingredients
Photo: a finished platter of "miang kam"
Photo: Lillian filling a "chaploo" leaf with various tidbits
Photo: a "bai chaploo" leaf with filling ingredients and sauce ready to to wrapped up and eaten
Photo: various teams preparing ingredients for their dish
Photo: scoring and cutting cuttlefish
Photo: prepared cuttlefish
Photo: fresh shrimp shelled and butterflied
Photo: dried red chillies soaking for making chilli paste for shrimp and cuttlefish stir-fry