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Photo: "Anyone for Shark?"
Chefs at Shannon Airport are about to carve steaks from a porbeagle shark at Club's 2nd Annual Dinner
Photo: "Clare Champion" headlines Diving.
Photo: Agenda for Inter Club Meetingheld in Naas. Nov.'62
Photo: Inter- Club Agenda, (p. 2), Suggested Aims.
Photo: 2nd Annual Dinner Menu
Photo: Minutes of Inter- Club meeting Nov. '62 (1)
Photo: Inter Club Meeting Nov. '62 (p 2)
Photo: Inter Club Meeting Nov. '62 (p3)
Photo: Club Salvage Rates
Photo: Bridges of Ross, Kilkee. Aug. '62
 left to right, Ronnie Hurley, Ray Doyle, Eoin Geary, Val FitzGerald, Trevor Morrow, Gerry Hayes, Manuel DiLucia, Gloria and Roger Cutland, Donnie Thompson.
Photo: Inter Club Meeting. Nov. '62 (p 4)
Photo: Inter Club Meeting, Mar. 1963 (p 1)
Photo: Inter Club Meeting. Mar. '63 (p 2)
Photo: Inter Club Meeting. Mar '63 (p 3)
Photo: Ulster Underwater News
Photo: New Compressor for Kilkee, Summer 1962
Photo: Ronnie Hurley at the Blue Pool, Aug. 1962
Photo: "Those were the Days", 
a young Ronnie Hurley surrounded by even younger admirers.
Photo: Day out at the Hoobawns outside Kilkee.
L. to R. Adie Clancy, Gerry Hayes, Eoin Geary, Trevor Morrow. In front, Ray Doyle