Sock Hop 2007
Feb 26, 2007Public
Photo: Riley & Madison in their awesome outfits
Photo: Lewis, Anthony, Hudson, & Quinn being funny
Photo: 50's group playing a fun game
Photo: Conner playing a game with a hula hoop
Photo: Madison, Riley, Kelsey, & Brent passing the hula hoop
Photo: Madison & Riley exchange the hula hoop
Photo: 50's group finish playing the hula hoop game
Photo: everyone rushes to be fed
Photo: Jamie & Layne smile as they enter the 50's party
Photo: Hudson interviews his guest on "Oprah"
Photo: the girls intervene the boys' "singing"
Photo: the boys play Twister
Photo: the guys try to do the Macarena
Photo: Madison & Caroline clap as Quinn finishes
Photo: the guys demonstrate 'footloose'